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Before I started anything for the image analysis assignment I decided on what I was going to analysis. After coming up with an idea to analysis the popular television show The Brady Bunch I then picked out a specific episode that I wanted to focus on. That episode that I picked out to examine was “Dear Libby” the second episode from the first season. My next step was to find some scholarly articles from the Penn State’s library search engine on the computer. I came across three that caught my attention and those were: “Best of the Bunch,” “Sexual Contention and Conformity in the Family Sitcom,” and “A Wildly Successful Bunch.” Since I knew I had three articles I decided to turn to the internet for other references and they were from the following internet sites:,, If you noticed the second website link is actually the one I used to view the actually “Dear Libby” episode. After having all my references I then looked at key points of the show that I needed to add in my essay and began typing the essay. After creating my rough draft and taking it class for peer review I made a few corrections and later touched up the essay and submitted it for a grade.


When I started looking for information on what episode to analysis I had an idea of what I was looking for in the episode that I would chose. In specific I knew that I wanted to be able to relate the message of the episode to real life situations that most people would understand. So it didn’t take me long to come across “Dear Libby.” “Dear Libby” was the second episode in the first season of The Brady Bunch. In this episode that children faced the issue that one of their parents were not happy with their living situations having six children. Well at least this is what the children “thought” after reading an article in the newspaper called “Dear Libby.” I thought that many people could relate to this because of the feeling of having a new mother or father in their life, and then later finding out that their new parent didn’t want to be part of the family because of the child. All children want to be loved and accepted by their new parent and this is why I chose this particular episode. I also figured that I could analysis the children’s reactions around the home better because they would want to act differently because of the fear of upsetting their parents.


For my image analysis I decided to focus on the hit television show The Brady Bunch which first aired in 1969. I chose to analysis The Brady Bunch because it’s still to this day a popular well-known television and you can still find it on certain television stations. The Brady Bunch also has a lot of specific events that happen that reflect back on the year 1969. One that really stuck out that I knew really had to do a lot with 1969 was the “housewife.” Carol the mother stayed at home and did not have a job it was Mike the father who provided for the family. The basic image that the television show displayed such as the clothing and grammar the characters used all played an important role of bringing 1969 to life on television for America to relate to. The research that I did do on The Brady Bunch the more I discovered that the television show had the largest impact on the younger audience rather than adults. However I think I can speak for everyone when it comes to The Brady Bunch we can almost all say we watched and somehow we could relate to them even in a different year.