Before I started anything for the image analysis assignment I decided on what I was going to analysis. After coming up with an idea to analysis the popular television show The Brady Bunch I then picked out a specific episode that I wanted to focus on. That episode that I picked out to examine was “Dear Libby” the second episode from the first season. My next step was to find some scholarly articles from the Penn State’s library search engine on the computer. I came across three that caught my attention and those were: “Best of the Bunch,” “Sexual Contention and Conformity in the Family Sitcom,” and “A Wildly Successful Bunch.” Since I knew I had three articles I decided to turn to the internet for other references and they were from the following internet sites:,, If you noticed the second website link is actually the one I used to view the actually “Dear Libby” episode. After having all my references I then looked at key points of the show that I needed to add in my essay and began typing the essay. After creating my rough draft and taking it class for peer review I made a few corrections and later touched up the essay and submitted it for a grade.

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