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When it came time for me to put all the information together about 1969 for my Year in Review assignment I did so by importance of events. I started off of course with my introduction and that was based off of hints you are going to read about in the essay, and why 1969 is still important to us today in 2009. To me one of the most important events in 1969 was the election of President Richard Nixon. I feel that it was important because it is a President who helps maintain a functional country. Next was the importance of the Apollo 11 Mission. Without this who knows just exactly when we should set foot on the moon? Another reason is because it was America who accomplished this and it is something that all Americans should be happy and take pride in that our country managed to walk on the moon before any other country could do so. Finally Hurricane Camille was the next important event that happened in 1969. This was the worst natural disaster of the year and was one of the deadliest hurricanes to take place in America at the time. All the other facts in the essay are just about what the average person was dealing with and seeing in an everyday life. One of those was about sports like who won what. “The Brady Bunch” first aired on television in 1969, and I enjoy the television show too so I added that in my essay. Not only did I enjoy it though, but it was also one of the most watched television shows in 1969 I learned when doing research. I also had a part about an interview that I conducted with my Grandmother over the telephone. In the interview my Grandmother told stories about her life in 1969. In the conclusion I just restated important events.

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