My Writing Process by using Peer Review - Kristin's E-Portfolio

When it came time for me to write essays or research papers while I was in high school I always found it hard to get me ideas on paper. It wasn’t until I was in English 004 that I really learned how to transfer my thoughts and ideas on paper. Not only was getting my ideas to my essays hard for me, but also getting back feedback from people. I have found that the best way for me to get my ideas on paper and to get back positive and even negative feedback is to do something that is called “peer review.” It was Dr. Maggie Froehlich my English 004 and now English 015 instructor who introduced this technique for improving writing skills to me, as well as her other students. I found that by using “peer review” I was able to get the feedback that I always needed and it was a way an excellent way for me to organize my thoughts. Now when I write any assignment I always know that my paper will come back with good results in the end due to “peer review.” However, I found that I don’t always need to be in class to get feedback from readers because I now have a copy of the “peer review” questions that we should ask ourselves when done writing a paper with me, and I use that for my friends and family. Knowing that I am getting back helpful ideas and knowing what I did right really helps me become a better writer.  So now when I write any essay I have confidence that my final copy will be successful because I took the steps necessary to make it better by taking advantage of “peer review.”

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