The title of my narrative script is “Hurricane Camille” I came up with name simply because of the topic I chose to write about. When it came time to write my script I prepared myself by writing down ideas of what I wanted to say in the script and other ideas that I wanted to include in the script as well. So I made a list of all the characters that I wanted to use in my narrative. When choosing my characters I took in consideration that I didn’t want all boys or all girls, so I tried to have a variety with ending results of three boys and three girls. Choosing the names for my characters were thought up by either someone I knew or just names that I heard on television shows.  Gary, Mary, Mike, and Leigh were all names that I knew for actual people. However, Susan and Paul were names that heard from the television shows “Desperate Housewives.” So with the names of my characters picked out I then went about giving them roles in my script all by random selection. Gary and Mary are the news reporters on a radio station in Florida. Susan and Paul are locals in the town. Leigh and Mike are from Georgia and are looking for a potential home in Mississippi.  My vision of the whole script is that Mary was interviewing the locals and the visitors the day before Hurricane Camille came to Mississippi because she was already in Mississippi due to family, and when Mary returns back to Florida a week after the hurricane her and Gary share the interviews with everyone listening to their radio station.

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