In the narrative assignment we were challenged by our instructor (Dr. Maggie Froehlich) to write a script and make a podcast about a specific event that happened in the year that we chose to focus on for the semester. Like I mentioned in my previous blog about the Year in Review I will be writing about the year 1969 I have chosen to write about Hurricane Camille. Hurricane Camille will fall under the historical fiction category. I have chosen to write about a historical fiction, so that my readers or listeners of my assignment will get some educational use of my project.  I will make a news story where a news reporter is in Mississippi the day before the Hurricane is said to arrive. The news reporter will interview locals and visitors who are evacuating and are taking precautions in the town of Pass Christian. I plan on making a very thorough script that includes a lot of details, so that when it comes time to record my podcast part of the assignment I can do so quickly and accurately. I myself will not be the only one who speaks in my podcast. I will have help from a couple of friends to make my podcast unique with different voices for my characters. I got my idea for Hurricane Camille because I knew that it was one of the many events that happened in 1969 that had a great impact on many people’s lives at the time, and I wanted my narrative to recreate some event that many people would remember from the year; besides Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.

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