Before I began researching information for the cultural artifact I reviewed my requirements that I needed to include in this particular assignment. I looked over the purpose first and I thought of some of the important questions that weren’t obvious that I should include in webpage that my readers would find interesting about the Docuteller ATM. After finding information that I wanted to incorporate in my webpage I started researching. Reasoning and Content was the next item that I need to add to my webpage. In specific was pictures that would help the readers relate the pictures to my cultural artifact. In addition to pictures that I added in my web page I also uploaded a video from YouTube of an early version of the ATM. For my organization of my webpage I tried to use a balance of text and pictures to make my webpage seem easier and more inviting to read. I also used a different colored font which would add character and jazz up the page as well. At the bottom of the webpage I thought it would be appropriate to put my references and suggestions for further readings of the Docuteller. Putting everything together to make my webpage about my cultural artifact was a new and interesting way for me to learn more about my year. However I found that this was a time demanding assignment but the end results paid off in the end.

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