The whole concept of me choosing to write a narrative script about  Hurricane Camille was to inform people in a creative way of the hurricane’s facts and to show an example of emotions that might have been going on at the time of the actually event. I thought that best way to show that was to do a historical news report. So when I started to working on the facts of Hurricane Camille I came up with a list. The facts that I wanted to incorporated were: the death toll, victims injured, damages costs, wave heights, and wind gusts. After making the list I then took to the internet to find the appropriate facts. I found a very informative website and used that one to obtain the information that I needed for my script. In the end I the facts that I found were: the death toll was around 255 people, 8,900 victims injured, damages costing Mississippi around 4.2 billion dollars, wave heights recorded as 20 feet, and wind gusts up to 200mph. When I was researching these facts I learned more about Hurricane Camille as well. It was a very devastating disaster and caused the state of Mississippi a lot of pain and suffering. That is another reason why I wanted to choose Hurricane Camille as my narrative topic. It was an event that happened in 1969 that many people will never forget. On top of that Hurricane Camille fit the purpose of the narrative assignment perfectly.

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