Why the docuteller ATM? - Kristin's E-Portfolio

For the Cultural Artifact assignment I was torn between a couple of artifacts that represented 1969 that I wanted to write about. Those artifacts were the Nerf Ball, the Big Wheel, and the ATM. I knew that I would most likely not be able to meet the requirements of the assignment by writing about the Nerf Ball and the Big Wheel because I didn’t know how they described America in 1969. However I knew I could write and meet all the requirements of the assignment by choosing the ATM to write about.  After choosing the ATM to represent as 1696’s cultural artifact I started researching information about the ATM. ATM was also easier for me to write about because I had mentioned and wrote about the ATM in my Year in Review essay which was my first assignment for English 015. Doing the ATM as my cultural artifact allowed me to learn more about the machine’s history that I didn’t know as well as anyone who reads my cultural artifact web page. In particular one of the interesting facts that I learned was that the ATM never used the ATM cards that we are all familiar until 1969. The name of the Docuteller ATM actually came from the company that produced the ATM is also something that I learned as well. If you can only imagine the Docuteller ATM really was another step in America’s technology in 1969.

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