For my Year in Review assignment I chose to focus my attention on the year 1969. I decided to choose this particular year is because it is the year that my mother was born, and I figured that my Grandmother Carol would have a great deal of information on the year. When it came time for me to start writing my Year in Review essay the first step I decided to do was to call my Grandmother Carol and interview her with a list of questions that I had about the year. After I got the information that I needed from my Grandmother I then researched more information about historical events, clothing styles, natural disasters, and popular televisions shows. I found that most of my information about my year was from the internet that I used in my essay. I feel that the internet is easier to use and is a faster way of getting information. After I got all the information that I felt that I could write an informative essay about the year 1969 I started organizing my thoughts. I formatted my essay by starting off as follows: the first paragraph is an introduction to the year 1969, my second is about President Nixon, the third paragraph is about a historical event, the fourth is about a natural disaster, fifth paragraph is about an important invention, sixth is about sports, seventh paragraph is about a popular television show, the eighth paragraph is about my interview with my Grandmother Carol, and finally my ninth and last paragraph is my conclusion. Each of the subjects that I chose to write about in my essay all were picked based on the importance, and some fun facts about the year 1969.

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