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What is the Docuteller?

It is an unattended electronic machine in a public place, connected to a data system and related equipment and activated by a bank customer to obtain cash withdrawals and other banking services. 

What is the purpose of the Docuteller?

The purpose of this new invention made in 1969 was to make it easier for people to access their bank accounts without having to go inside to take out money in their bank accounts. Therefore you don't have to always have money on you instead you just go to the nearest ATM "Money Machine" and swipe your Magstripe card, enter your "personal identification number," and select the amount of money that you want to take out of your bank account.

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The Producer and Marketer of the Docuteller?

Donald Wetzel is the inventor of the ATM that took the Magstripe ATM card. Wetzel worked for the Company called Docutel and this is why that the actually name of the machine that takes the ATM Magstripe Card is called Docuteller. It was Docutel which is the company that then produced the machine, but in a way Chemical Bank having the first Magstripe ATM installed was the first to market this new invention.

{[ In this picture a lady is using the Docuteller ATM ]}

Photo provided by: http://www.atm24.com/NewsSection/Industry%20News/Timeline%20-%20The%20ATM%20History.aspx

Who used the Docuteller?

The first people who had access to the Docuteller were the people from New York. This is because Chemical Bank in New York that had the first Docuteller machine installed and this was the only ATM which took these Magstripe card. Chemical Bank was so excited about this new machine being installed in their bank they advertised it to New York by saying, "On September 3, 1969, our branch will open its doors at 9:00 a.m. and we'll never close again!”  Chemical Bank though really was the first to have access to the Docuteller ATM.

What did the Docuteller Resemble and Replace?

The Docuteller resembled the earlier versions of the ATMs that did not take the Magstripe card. The Docuteller replaced the old ATMs and in a way replaced the tellers in banks because people no longer had to walk inside and wait in long lines just take out money from their bank accounts. Now any money transactions could be taken outside of simply inside by using the Docuteller and your Magstripe card.

What did the Docuteller say about American’s in 1969?

 Donald Wetzel really helped America take another step in technology in the 1969 by his invention of the Docuteller. It just goes to show that America was becoming a much more busy country and that anything that makes life easier is better. Who really wants to wait in line when you don’t have too? Donald Wetzel understood that America was changing the way people did their daily errands and the new popular demand of wanting everyday activities to be made easier to do.

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