When it came time to record our video we went to the digital commons studio. When we were there we used a camera, and Gia and I took turns filming one another. We also came up with an idea to take big sheets of paper and write what were going to say on it and held it up for the other person to see while they were being recorded. We did this so we wouldn’t forget what we were going to say, and so that we knew what to say next. I found that remembering my lines without the script that we made was quite difficult and frustrating. After filming we took our video into the digital commons editing room and we tried uploading our video to edit, but we couldn’t upload it onto the Mac computer. After not being able to upload it onto the computer we decided that we would have to redo the whole recording with a different camera another day. When the day came that we both were able to meet and redo the recording everything went successful and we decided to use a friend’s Mac computer so that we would have more time editing the film and fitting our PowerPoint into the video as well. All in all I felt that the hardest part of this assignment was figuring out how to operate the equipment in order to film our video. I had no experience and didn’t realize all the steps that were involved in making a simple 5-10 minute video. This was definitely an educational experience.

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