“Lights Camera Action” - Kristin's E-Portfolio

When it comes time to be in front of the camera I find it hard for me to not get stage fright. So I found it a little easier for me to be less shy to have scripts of what I was going to say in front of me.  Well not exactly in front of me but sort of like someone who is doing a news report would have in a distance just for reference. I feel that being able to know what to say at all times makes it easier to not panic while recording. In addition you don’t stutter and get thrown off tract of what your message is suppose to be about. I know from my own experience that when I stutter while recording anything I become even more nervous and it takes a while to get back on the right path that I need to be on to deliver my point in my recording or even in a speech.  That is why when recording for our video in review my group member and I made big signs with what we were to say next on it. Before when we recorded we both sort of stuttered trying to figure out what to say next. That’s when we came up with using these signs almost as oversized flashcards you could say. This technique really does work! So I suggest that if you are having trouble learning your lines or have trouble focusing in front of the camera to make giant signs with your lines on it and holding it up to use as a reference and to rely on.

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