“The Generation That Never Got Old” - Kristin's E-Portfolio

My final project that I was to do for English 015 was to create a film about the year 1969. However, to make this assignment a little easier we were assigned to groups according to the years that we (my English 015 class) chose to examine for the semester. My group consisted of myself and another girl (Gia) in my class. Together we planned out what our film would include in it that would help sum up important events in 1969. The easiest way for us to gather information was to use PowerPoint with different slides about different topics. We also decided that we would video record ourselves as the introduction and the conclusion of our short film. The main point that we wanted to present in our film was that 1969 truly was “The Generation That Never Got Old.” The film itself was to be between 5-10 minutes and was to be uploaded to YouTube. Another requirement was that every member of our group was to appear at some point on the video that we created. Furthermore transitions were also supposed to appear throughout the film as well, and there needed to be music or other live video of events that actually happened. Due to the fact that in the beginning of the assignment my group did consist of three members until the one dropped out my group was given the choice of making our video a little shorter than others because it was last minute. Although we have less members than we originally started with myself and my group member both feel that we can provide enough useful and educational information about the year 1969.

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