When it came time for me to choose my year for English 015 I knew that it was going to be a tossup between following three years, 1953, 1999, and 1969. My reasoning behind choosing 1953 was mainly because of the saying “Buy now pay later,” which we all know as the introduction to famous credit card slogan. In 1999, the West Nile Virus hit America, and that was something that I was always concerned with getting when I was younger playing outside in the summer. Finally in 1969 there were a lot of events that were happening in America like Neil Armstrong, President Nixon’s election, Hurricane Camille, and the first ATM. So when I looked back at my three choices it was obvious to me which one made the most since to use as my year, and that was 1969.  When I decided on 1969 I knew that writing my Year in Review would be easy to get information about. After researching information in the beginning on 1969 I already knew possible topics to write about in my assignment. Those specific topics were going to be: President Nixon, Apollo 11 Mission, Hurricane Camille, first ATM, sport records, hit television show Brady Bunch, and an interview. I figured with all this information about 1969 it was going to be successful semester in English 015 all because I chose the right year to write about, educate others on, and to research more information on.

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